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My name is Brian Bogaert and I simplify money and show you how to become wealthy. I’ve successfully invested in Real Estate since 2003 and have run my own business and lead teams for more than a decade. I currently coach, mentor and speak on the subjects of Money and creating Wealth for Real Estate professionals.

I believe that part of becoming and staying successful in business is knowing your financial numbers and how to utilize those numbers to successfully reach your strategic goals. I started this site and created these videos to help you do just that.

Ultimately, I’m passionate about creating Freedom for myself and others. For me, money equals more choice and more choice equals more Freedom. So if you want more Freedom in your life, check out my videos and stay tuned for more valuable content!

There’s more info about me and my story here



Have you seen the bank commercials about signing onto their AP, answering some questions, and you can 'set it and forget it' for your retirement plan?

By Brian Bogaert


Recently, I did a Free Financial Snapshot with a Realtor I met. It was obvious they were not paying attention to their business finances and had no plan for the future - which is quite common.

By Brian Bogaert


This site is directed to Brokers of Record, Brokerage Managers & Brokers leading teams…and the information contained here is relevant to anyone running their own business/teams in a revenue sharing structure.
The purpose of this site is to support Brokers in understanding what their financial numbers are telling them so they can better and proactively manage their business. Success or failure in business is often due to critical decisions at key times and knowing your financials and what the numbers are telling you. This can give a Broker the edge they need to increase profitability, save time and help their brokerage thrive.
In my experience, many brokerages use LONEWOLF’s brokerWOLF software to manage their back-end finances yet they don’t always understand the data available through its reports. By choosing a few of the most popular and useful reports available from brokerWOLF and helping Brokers understand how to utilize the data in these reports for business strategy, Brokers are able to make better financial and business choices.
No. I do not work for nor am I affiliated with LONEWOLF or brokerWOLF and I am not receiving nor giving any compensation to them or any other companies. I met the owner of LONEWOLF and after a few conversations we agreed it would be useful to share this information to help Brokers using brokerWOLF or any other financial management software to manage their business. I’m describing brokerWOLF reports but the information shared is relevant whether you use brokerWOLF or some other S/W tool.
This site contains other valuable information from Blog posts I have created and in future, will showcase additional financial and business strategy information useful for Brokers and Managers. Please leave comments about what you would like to learn more about or questions you have and I’ll be sure and create some videos about that in future.



Brian Bogaert

Website: www.nlscoaching.com
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 647 802 4769

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